Color Therapy: Yellow

Color Therapy: Yellow - Art Masterclass Canada

Color Therapy: Yellow

This week’s color spotlight we will be discussing is the color of the warm sunlight. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! We will be talking about the color yellow, which chakra it symbolises and why it is such beneficial color to take advantage of.

First things first; we have to make one thing very clear; the yellow color we are talking about is a very natural, warm and earthy tone of yellow. Not a neon or a colder looking greenish-yellow color. Our yellow is warm like the sun and happy like sunflowers!

Yellow color symbolises self worth. It raises up the questions of how we feel about our selves, how we feel others perceive us and how we feel like the way we are acting our self out there in the world. Yellow also symbolises intellect, giving us the insight of the Sun and connects us to the collective knowledge on a spiritual level. It stimulates a higher consciousness.

Yellow color is the color of youthful energy which draws new beginnings and brightness. This color is located on the “warm” side of the visible color spectrum and is a stimulant color. Energising and stimulating effects on the body also creates a bravery in one’s heart. It is no coincidence that in Japanese culture yellow color is the symbol of bravery.

People who are specifically drawn to the color yellow are highly interested in pursuing knowledge and intellect in their life. They are mostly not afraid of the new beginnings. People who are withdrawn from the yellow color might be emotionally disappointed, has a lot of resentment in their heart, depressed and bitter. They might be feeling stuck, unable to move on to the happier side and most probably can not connect on the deeper level with people, which results in numerous superficial relationships and often temporary interests and habits.

Yellow color is also associated with Solar Plexus? Manipura Chakra. Solar plexus chakra, located right above the navel by 4 finger breadth. This chakra manifests itself as your inner power and self confidence. Solar Plexus, represented by the yellow color, has such a significant rule over our soul and body. It governs the power and autonomy of metabolism and digestive system, giving us a fire of energy when balanced. It is no coincidence that this chakra’s element is fire.

When to bring yellow into your life?

  • When you have fear and anxiety
  • When you are having mental exhaustion and break-down.
  • When you are feeling confused and stuck.
  • When you have panic attacks and inability to concentrate.
  • When you are feeling lethargic and can not find strength to move.
  • When you are feeling depressed, down or moody.
  • You can wear yellow color when you want to surround your auto with balance, energy, joy and brightness. Wearing yellow brings a sudden and strong push to clear away the dark clouds off of your aura.
  • It is one if the best color to incorporate into your life when you are suffering from burn-out syndrome.

Health benefits that are associated with the yellow color;

  • Can strengthen a weak immune system.
  • Helps with digestive problems, acid refluxes and stress-inflicted stomach lining problems.
  • Helps with liver and intestines associated problems.
  • Yellow color has positive effects on the muscles.

You can use the yellow color as a healing toon to create a balance in your spirituality and restore and support wellness in certain parts of your physical body as well as non mental and spiritual levels too. Utilise the health benefits of yellow color by creating a traditional Turkish mosaic lamp in yellow colors and lighten and brighten up your living areas. Cheerful aura of this color will not only create a cosier tone in your house but also makes you feel emotionally uplifted and mentally resilient.

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