Frequently asked question

We have a store in Vaughan, Ontario. All the rest in the locations menu are our pop up location.

This is a 2.5 hour session. Please see the brief outline of the class below

Step 1: (first 20 minutes) Choose a design from the template or use your imagination and create a unique pattern.

Step 2: (1 hour) Apply the glue on the glass and transfer your design onto the glass globe.
Tea and cookie is served

Step 3: (1 hour) Finish your design by applying the beads to fill in all the gaps between mosaic tiles.]

After finishing your mosaic lamp, by following 3 easy steps, you will take your designs home. For all types of lamps, you will also receive a lamp body, plaster kit, LED bulb, included in the price.
Moreover, you will have a pleasant memory with us and experience mosaic art.

Final Touch: Plastering Step
You can grout/plaster your piece at home, and we will provide all the materials and instructions to complete this final step at home. Please allow up to half a day for the drying and grout/plastering process.

It is between $89-$169 depending on your lamp preference 
Say , you choose table lamp, your total cost will be $109+HST. This cost includes workshop and all the materials.There will be no other cost.  You can always upgrade or downgrade your lamp when you come to the workshop.

No, everything will be provided at the workshop.

No, we will guide you through the process.

Ages 8+ can do this.

Yes, It will be all yours forever.

Yes, you will have everything in the package.

In just one workshop you will finish designing your lamp, you can start using it the same day.

Yes, but techically you won't have enough time. You can order homekit to do it at home.

Because the glue we use at the workshop has to dry up at least 5-7 hours.

No, for our pop up workshops. Please make sure send your request at the note section while purchasing your booking.

We almost have all of the payment methods. If you prefer, you can also send an etransfer or pay cash at the store.

Absolutely yes! You can do whatever desing you like.

Yes , other than the candle holder, they use small low voltage bulbs. You don't need to do any assembly for the electric part.

Yes, but please indicate the names of your friends in the notes section.

Kindly refer to the image below for a clearer understanding of the dimensions associated with each type of lamp.